Letter From Heaven: NOURISH

Penny Hovda October 2, 2017

Dearly Beloved,

I am the one your heart listens to.  It belongs to me. Now unclutter your mind of the things that are not.  You feel empty and drained.  Life is busy, yes, but having a “yes”attitude is not always the right one .  Boundaries need to be set. Otherwise, the important things get lost in the mix of everything else.  You want to please and that pleases me child, but to what expense?  You need to fill yourself before you can give to others, otherwise, that which is important to you gets left behind until there is nothing left to give.  You are “empty”, burned out, drained.  Set appointments in your mind and in your day for those things that keep you filled up.  Sometimes it only takes a little here and there to top off your tank to keep it full.  I can do a lot with a little so give it a try.  The enemy will try to use up your time until nothing is left for Me and that is what he wants but that will only leave you parched with nothing left to give to yourself or to anyone else.

  Come. Drink of my living water.  Sip it throughout your day to refresh and nourish your soul, allowing yourself to nourish others without draining yourself.  Bring a full appetite to Me at the start of your day.  You will find yourself filled and ready for whatever lies ahead.

In Me, you can do much, but without me, little is done that has meaning or lasting rewards.

John 7: 37-38/ Psalm 107:35-37/ Psalm 63:1-2

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